Alliance Christian Center began in August 1978. We are grateful for the many people both past and present who have contributed to the life of our church. We look forward to many more fruitful years as the Lord continues to use us to touch our community and beyond with the love of Jesus Christ and the good news of His kingdom.
A church called Abbott Loop Christian Center [ALCC] was founded by Dick Benjamin in Anchorage, Alaska. The church received a great influx of people during the Charismatic Movement of the Mid 1960’s, with another during the Jesus People Movement in the early 1970’s, when a two-year adult Bible School was opened. Eventually, more than 1,300 people were sent from the church, resulting in 100-plus outreach churches and a number of overseas missionaries. Alliance Christian Center is one of these 100-plus churches.
Here is a more complete history of ALCC
By 1973 Abbott Loop Community Church began to focus on training pastors, developing teams and sending people out to start new churches. One of those churches called C-Street Christian Center,was planted in downtown Anchorage.
Our founding pastor Kirk Martin and his wife Ruth moved from East Liverpool, Ohio to Anchorage, Alaska to “build a cabin in the woods and get away from it all”. Instead, they became followers of Jesus Christ and were born again at C-Street Christian Center in August of 1974.
A team of about 70 people was sent from the “C-Street” church to start a new church in Colorado Springs. Kirk and Ruth Martin were part of this team.
In August 1978 a team of 14 adults and 7 children moved from Colorado Springs to Alliance, Ohio to form the Alliance Christian Center. Our first meeting place was the Martin’s apartment. We quickly moved through several locations; another rented home, the YWCA Annex Bldg, Johnson’s Furniture Store (formerly on Mechanic St, now burned down). We purchased the current property on Main Street, and shortly thereafter purchased St Paul’s Lutheran Church on Linden Ave. We met there until the congregation grew enough to build on the Main Street property. The current building at 670 W Main St. was constructed in 1987. Our most recent building addition was completed in 2016.
Through the years the following men have served our church in the capacity as lead pastor. We are grateful for God’s faithfulness.
Kirk Martin 1978 – 1995
Reijo Saari 1995 – 1998
Joel Parkinson 1998 -2000
Paul Dykshoorn 2000 – 2012
Kirk Martin – 2012 to Present