We are a non-denominational church located in Alliance Ohio. We desire to help others get to know Jesus and to follow Him wholeheartedly.



Saturday Night Church – 6:30 pm
Sunday Morning Church -10:00 am
670 W Main St   |   Alliance OH 44601 (330) 823-1612

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About Us

We are a local church comprised of people who are growing together and encouraging one another to be dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. 

What We Believe

A Brief History



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Mike Bartlow“Uncle Mike” Bartlow

Mike has suffered with Cerebral Palsy from birth.
This is his story of how the LORD brought him from a life of despair to joy.

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Your First Visit

Thanks for taking time to learn about our church. We hope to see you soon face-to-face! When you visit you will find that we are people whose stories and struggles in life are similar to your own. We look forward to meeting you…our doors and our hearts are open…you are welcome here…Oh! By the way, dress comfortably! We are fairly informal.

If you have any questions before coming feel free to contact us at (330) 821-1612.

Need Directions?

When You Get Here

I Have Children

During The Service


  Kirk Martin // Lead Pastor

Kirk & Ruth Martin

Kirk & Ruth Martin

Kirk Martin // Lead Pastor

Kirk and Ruth were among the founding members of ACC. Kirk served as lead pastor from 1978 thru 1995 and once again beginning January 2012 until the present. Ruth serves as a faithful helper to Kirk in the ministry. They have been married since 1974.


  Paul Dykshoorn // Pastor
Paul & Kathy Dykshoorn

Paul & Kathy Dykshoorn

Paul Dykshoorn // Outreach Pastor

Paul served as lead pastor of ACC from 2001 until January 2012 at which time he was led to launch the Men’s Challenge ministry. He currently works closely with Men’s Challenge and serves as an elder and outreach pastor of ACC. Kathy works with the Alliance Pregnancy Center.

  Reijo Saari // Pastor/Teacher
Reijo & Cindi Saari

Reijo & Cindi Saari

Reijo Saari // Ass’t Pastor-Teacher

Reijo [RAY-o] and Cindi were among the founding members of ACC. Reijo served as lead pastor from 1995 thru 1998 and currently serves as an elder and assistant pastor and teacher. Cindi helps in teaching Sunday School classes for our children.

  Bill Powell // Prophet
Bill & Linda Powell

Bill & Linda Powell

Bill Powell // Prophet

Bill and Linda desire to see souls saved and to be servants to their brothers and sisters in Christ. Bill’s calling as a prophet was recognized and acknowledged by the elders of ACC, and we laid hands upon him to ordain him as a prophet on August 5, 2012. Here is a video message regarding the announcement. Bill serves as an elder and as a prophet at ACC.

  Ted Ohrn // Elder
Ted & Janet Ohrn

Ted & Janet Ohrn

Ted Ohrn // Elder

Ted and Janet lead the ACC Youth Group. Ted serves as an elder on our team and Janet serves on our worship team.

  Eric DeMuth // Deacon
Eric & April DeMuth

Eric & April DeMuth

Eric DeMuth // Deacon

Eric serves as a deacon in our church, and heads up the Benevolence Ministry helping to assist with needs in the church. April serves as the church secretary and helps in leading various women’s ministries and functions.

  Jack Twineham // Deacon
Jack & Cheryl Twineham

Jack & Cheryl Twineham

Jack Twineham // Deacon

Jack serves as a deacon in the church and Cheryl is part of the ACC worship team.





Along with the links below, we have a searchable Sermon Audio Archive that dates back to 2009

Most Recent Sermons 

Training Seminars

School of Foundations for Ministry



Contact Us

Alliance Christian Center
670 W Main St
Alliance OH 44601

Phone: 330.823.1612


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Thanks for your generous support of Alliance Christian Center. We don’t normally take up collections in our services, but instead rely solely on the generosity and willingness of the people in our church to support our ministry through tithes and offerings.

Click Here to read an article about tithes, offerings and a philosophy of giving.


Live Sunday Morning 10:00am

NOTE: There is a short break in the feed between the worship and the sermon. Simply press the F5 button or click the refresh button on your browser to refresh this page.

Here are some practical ways to participate in the life of the church. 

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